Feb 21, 2015 | Featured Skaters

Madame de Stompadour

by Ali Gory

Derby name: Madame de Stompadour

Number: 1764

Team: Atomic Bombshells & All-Stars

Position: Blocker, pivot, occasional jammer

How did you come you with your derby name? I wanted something that included the word “stomp” because I like dinosaurs. Imagine playing roller derby against a dinosaur. Oh you want to score some points? Sorry, no, I stomp you. I passed over Marcella du Stomp and Stomping Willow before settling on Madame de Stompadour. John Maddening will tell you that I got my name from Doctor Who but he lies.

How did you get into derby? I was in the women's bathroom in my college campus center building. I closed the stall and there was a roller derby flyer on the inside of the door. I thought it looked fun, and went to a few bouts with friends. After a while I started thinking to myself "I could do this!" I bought skates and gear with my college graduation money and started skating around the tennis courts. I moved to Edinburgh, Scotland, UK for 6 months and skated with the Auld Reekie Roller Girls before returning to St. Paul and trying out for the Minnesota RollerGirls in 2009.

What do you do in "real" life? Office-y person

Do you have any special talents you would like us to know about? I am really good at Google Docs.

What other contributions do you make to the league? I have been on our Marketing committee for 5 ½ seasons. Currently I handle our Twitter account and favorite all the nice things people say about us.

Do you have a favorite work out? AX Fitness!!!!! Especially when our trainer Christine plays the 90s mix. Before derby, I never thought I'd enjoy jumping in and out of tires and sweating profusely to "Zombie" by the Cranberries as much as I really, sincerely do.