Ask yourself this ... do you: know the game of roller derby well enough that you could call plays on the fly; know all the skaters by heart and recognize them while buried in a pack, when you can only see their back or side, and can call them out by name just by their skating style; have charisma and humor; love speaking in front of thousands; and can spin a joke, turn of phrase, or witty play call on a dime? Then you just may be an announcer in the making! But we know that the folks who can do all of the above (and much more) are few and far between. Our announcers have to be masters of seeing all that's going on and be able to relate it to a crowd filled with everyone from derby newbie to long-time fan, from 3-year-old to grandma, and from sports fan to D&D master. We thank them for all they do!

Active Roster

  • BerNasty


  • Reverend Killjoy


  • Stalker Channing


  • Wet Spot 3.0


Non Active Roster

  • John Maddening

  • Kodiak

  • Wet Spot 1.0

  • Wet Spot 2.0