The skaters may get all the glory, but we know that we'd be nothing without our huge, dedicated crew of volunteers. These are the folks who keep this machine running, who show up hours before the whistle blows to set up the track, hang the sponsor posters, secure the area, get our merch on display and ready for sale, and who take care of us when we have a question, an injury, or anything else.

Ask any of us - our volunteers are the best!

Wanna join them? Check out our volunteer application here.

Ace Wrapper Alyssa Bulatek Ani Di-Shank-o Apocalypse Wow
Aria Underfoot Ashes Auntie Maim Baby EMT
Bill Jorgenson Blissful Prick Brian Bust-E-Sutures
Cathryn Smits Chippy Cindy Cory Fleck
Crush w/Eyeliner Cyanide Slam Cypress Greg Doc Brawliday
Doc. Egon Strangler Ennis the Mennis Erica Jansen
Frankie Johson Gal Jazeera Garrison Fjord Get Hrbak
Ichabod Payne Jenny McElroy John Maddening Kitty Nip
Kitty Skittles Lacey Lingerie Lefse-Wing Extremist LEGOMan
Lindsey McCahill Lousy McHooch Lucky O'Bourbon Lumberjack Fantasies
Mani-Ax Marine One Master of Disaster Matthew Noonan
Maxrad Ms. N. Thrope Nik noise
OK Corelle Our Man Flip Ox Floored Painsley Park
Phylis McCracken Professor Hardcastle Punch E Bruiser Rachael Hawley
Reverend Killjoy Ron Wilbur Ruthless Shelby
Snugglebunny Stalker Channing Sudden Danger Thumper
Tucker Smax Tufflepuff Vesta Vicious Wet Spot