Atomic Bombshells

Wheelie Nelson #511

Derby Career:

  • Minnesota Roller Derby: All Stars — 2018–Present
  • Minnesota Roller Derby: Atomic Bombshells — 2017–Present
  • Debu-Taunts: 2015–2017

Athletic Background:

I'm into Fitness. Fitness whole pizza in my mouth!


Out with a 9-month injury won't stop this one's ambition to win! Expect a Glitter Belly to rival the Gardas, and a comeback they won't see coming!


  • Glitter Bellies
  • Thigh Rolls
  • Comebacks


  • Not Playing Roller Derby
  • Not Napping
  • Not Winning

Awards & Accolades:

  • Season 14: Rookie of the Year
  • Season 14: Minnesota Nice Best Jammer
Special Roles: Human Resources Rep