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Bout Recap – Don’t Kramp My Style – 12.21.19

Written by Sana Sandra "Squirrelly" Karbal

The importance of the season’s holidays was not lost among the glittering costumes and sparkly attire. One of our longest partners, the Ann Bancroft Foundation, reminded us that it’s the season for giving. Through the continued support of our fans, MNRD is able to help fund grants that empower girls to start moving towards a dream by covering their fees, equipment, and more for sports and dance classes. Over the last nine years, MNRD has proudly donated over $65,000 to help individuals build their confidence and embracing their goals!

Atomic Bombshells v. Garda Belts Part I

The first bout of the evening began with a clash of sirens and bagpipes. This unlikely acoustic coupling only meant one thing; the Bombshells were taking on the Gardas. Fans also saw MNRD newbie PAL 9000 make her Garda debut. Peppers, Hurtrude 'Trudy' Stein, and Riotchu hit the track with strong defenses, preventing the Gardas scoring for the first 3 jams. in jam 4, Garda jammer Sodium FiNa was held up in her scoring pass by Speed Rita and Terror Swift, just as Gardas Legs and Burly held up Bombshell Stompy. After breaking through the tripod, Stompy dealt a heavy knockdown on Legs. Payback did not stop there as Peppers knocked R.I.P.unzel hard on the inside line with a hip check in the very next jam. With 16 minutes left on the period clock, Gardas pulled out their secret stuff to attempt to close the Bombshells’ 12-point-lead. Surprising no one, Switch Please slipped through the Bombshell defense effortlessly. Unfortunately, she was no match for the skills and kills the Bombshells dealt that night. Gardas countered by upping their defensive plays while Baller and RamPaige recycled the jammer in the last few jams. Can the green machine regroup and close the score gap in the second half? First half score: Atomic Bombshells 69 – Garda Belts 42.

Rockits v. Dagger Dolls Part I

It’s been a hot second since these two teams have played one another, and boy did they bring it. Each team debuted a new player - Winter is Coming joined the Rockits, and BooBoo hit the track with the Dagger Dolls. Jam 1 started poorly for the Rockits, with most of their pack in the penalty box. itches did not hesitate to take advantage, racking up a crazy 24 points to start the game. Jam 3 was a cluster of confusion with both jammers getting sent to the penalty box, followed by an official review knocking the 11 points Rockit Rat was able to get down to only 7. Rockits pumped up their tripod strategy in the next jam by holding up Fanny, where she just managed to star pass to Shock Therapy before Rockit jammer Screamy Dreamy called it off. In jam 8, Rat was the only jammer on the line at the whistle as VK was still serving in the penalty box from the previous jam. Despite being held up by a duo of glittering helmets courtesy of Car Nap and Kung POW Bitchin’, Rat snatched up 8 points, lowering the Dolls’ lead to 11 points. The tension did not stop there as jam 9 began as a power jam for the Rockits, so all energy on the track was focused on offensive play for Screamy. Just Barb, Whoopsie, and Mollz amped up their tough Dolly defense and made it impossible for any points to be earned. In the final jam of the half, the lead was a tantalizing 6 points away for the Rockits. However, a strategic Dolly star pass from jammer itches to Shock Therapy pushed it farther away. First half score: Rockits 57 – Dagger Dolls 74.

Atomic Bombshells v. Garda Belts Part II

After an incredible half-time show by Minnesota’s only polka rock band Tubby Esquire, the Roy Wilkins Auditorium was graced with the presence of an angel. Specifically, a 20-year old bald eagle named Angel from the National Eagle Center, a non-profit environmental education organization that cares for permanently injured eagles. Public speaking is difficult on everyone, luckily Wet Spot was there to take care of Angel’s pile of nervous aftermath!

When that was all cleaned up, the skaters returned to the track. Garda Switch wasted no time pushing through Riotchu and Stompy’s defense to gain lead jammer status, just as Baller completely took out the Bombshell tripod. Jam 3 saw a little pivot-on-pivot action as Baller and Trudy duked it out. Trudy dominated jam 5 while the Garda jammer was in the box, utilizing her toe-stop apex work to sneak past the last Garda blocker. The toe-stop tricks did not stop there for the night; Peppers earned lead jammer in jam 8 just after landing a turn-around toe-stop hop, which is as difficult to do as it is to say. Gardas had a rough time in the second half, ultimately choosing to focus on pack definition and their tricky tripod defense strategy. In the end, the Bombshells had this one in the bag!

Final score: Atomic Bombshells 158 – Gardas 96.

Rockits v. Dagger Dolls Part II

With the score so close, both teams were itching to get back on the track. Jam 2 saw Moose involved in a bit of scuffle and pile up, getting knocked into the inside line by Whoopsie, who was dealt a penalty for that maneuver. As soon as she was out of the box, she took down a Rockit or two as they were holding up fan-favorite Little Rascal. That seemed to do the trick as the Dolls scored 13 points. Dagger Dolls transfer BooBoo made her jammer debut in the second half in jam 4, only to get sent to the penalty box for a track cut. While the Dolls were holding onto their lead, the Rockits were slowly wearing them down. Dagger Doll VK was stuck in the box for jam 8 and could do nothing while Rockit jammer Bri Zuss slowly wore the Dolls’ tripod down. VK’s luck finally ran out and, with a seventh penalty in jam 9, fouled out of the bout. This boosted the Rockits’ momentum, and they were just 8 points down at 9 minutes left on the clock. When Dolls jammer BooBoo got sent to the box again, Moose had all the rocket power she needed to rack up points and take the lead over from the Dagger Dolls! Both teams kept up strong defense in jam 14 to stall any forward movement. Rockits managed to steadily extend their lead in the last few minutes of the period with help from hefty scores courtesy of jammers Anne T Fascism and Homo Erratic. This turn-around proved tricky for the Dolls as they kept adding to their penalty count, hitting a total of 38 for the game compared to the Rockits’ 16.

The nail-biting bout came to a close, with the Rockits blazing past the Dolls!

Final score: Rockits 150 – Dagger Dolls 111.

Come on down to the next bout on Saturday, January 18th: The World of Tomorrow Has Arrived!