Jan 29, 2020 | Bout News



Written by Sana Sandra "Squirrelly" Karbal

The night started with a pre-show game of Minnesota’s official state sport (for now…) of hockey, and the Roy Wilkins was graced with the presence of Olympians. The OMGAA Storm Poly Hockey team played a mini game against MNRD skaters, warming up for their upcoming tournament in Golden Valley on January 26th. We wish them the best of luck!

Atomic Bombshells vs. Rockits Part I

This game started slow for the Rockits, with their jammer Moose getting caught up in the Bombshells’ tough tripod while Peppers racked up a whopping 20 points in the first jam. This set the tone for most of the first half for the Rockits, who upped the ante in jam 5 by starting their blocker tripod far back on the jammer line, giving Bombshell jammer Velvet a hard time as soon as the whistle blew. Down by 36 points, jam 8 started looking up for the Rockits with a power jam in their favor. Anne. T fascism wasted no time snatching up 11 total points, with Rat right by her side fending off those Bombshells. Jeffrey Bomber, who was in the penalty box for all of jam 8, got sent right back in for jam 9. Track cuts will do that to you! So will forearm penalties, which Speed Rita unfortunately found out in jam 12 as things were heating up with a multi-player pile up on the inside line. As the clock went down, the Rockits were storming back. Will the second half go in their favor?

First half score: Atomic Bombshells 55 – Rockits 53.

Dagger Dolls vs. Garda Belts Part I

This first half was all energy, pile ups, and strong defense. During an official review prior to jam 4, the Dagger Doll’s new mascot Skippa Beatz got some sweet track time with the skaters. While jam 9 was a power jam for the Dolls, Garda blockers Crust, Your Mom, and Diamond amped up their tripod work to wear out high-scoring Dolls jammer itches. Jam 12 ended with two Gardas and two Dolls in the penalty box, making a tough start for both teams in jam 13. With a little over 5 minutes left, Gardas were hoping to chip away at the 12 point lead the Dolls had. Lead jammer Ginger Snap had a frightful Dagger Doll wall of VK, Just Barb, and Whoopsie to get around. Strong jammers Switch and Little Rascal closed out the last jam for the first half. RamPaige knocked Little Rascal hard to the outside line on turn 1. A star pass to Shock Therapy was a good move for the Dolls while Switch was snatching up points on pass after pass.

First half score: Dagger Dolls 77 – Garda Belts 63. 

Atomic Bombshells vs. Rockits Part II

Local Minneapolis rock band Scrunchies were the halftime show, and skaters, kids, and mascots alike took over the track to feel the funk!

The first half score definitely foreshadowed how close this game would be. Stars were not the only thing swapped in the first few jams; the lead quickly changed in favor of the Rockits’ after a 12-point jam courtesy of Bri Zuss. Newly-renamed Bombshell blocker Amanda Lorian made it difficult for Rockits jammers to sweep past the pack for points, but it just wasn’t enough. As the period clock ticked down, the Rockits’ lead steadily ticked up. Stompy picked up the blocker torch for jam 8, but was sent to the penalty box for a direction. While the Rockits did snatch up 20 points that jam, Velvet sobered them up by earning 12 the next jam in an attempt to close in on the lead. It certainly was a fight to the finish line but the Rockits charged on to the win!

Final score: Atomic Bombshells 108 – Rockits 155.

Dagger Dolls vs. Garda Belts Part II

Determined to not let the Gardas feel as though they might have the same second-period luck as the Rockits, the Dagger Dolls ramped up the offense. Jam 3 saw a curiously hilarious standoff between jammer BooBoo and blocker Crust Almighty. The one-on-one was forced to end as Crust had to let BooBoo go as she was out of the engagement zone. Both teams used their usual star jammers Rascal and Switch, hoping to duplicate their first-period success. Dolls jammer Fanny got a track cut just after taking a hit from RamPaige in jam 6 triggering a power jam. The Gardas added some offensive chaos to the track to help their jammer Diamond through. It worked, and a Garda lead was in sight. Things got steamy when Switch took a rough tumble with Just Barb at the 13 minute mark with a tie score. R.I.P. spent most of her time on her toe-stops in jam 8 trying to get around Kung Pow and Whoopsie. Both teams put up strong walls and quick offense, but the Dolls held onto the lead. In the last jam, with the Dolls having only a nail-biting 21-point lead, Shock put up another 17 points and clinched the Dolls victory!

Final score: Dagger Dolls 166 – Garda Belts 138.

Make sure to get your tickets to the Semi-Finals on Saturday February 15th: Somebody to Shove!